This name does not belong to Ascovirgaria, Biscogniauxia, Creosphaeria, Daldinia, Discoxylaria, Entoleuca, Hypoxylon, Jumillera, Kretzschmaria, Kretzschmariella, Nemania, Stilbohypoxylon, Vivantia, or Whalleya.
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Hypoxylon solidum Berk. & M. A. Curtis apud Berk., J. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia, n. ser., 2: 286. 1853.

º Hypocrea solida (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Cooke, Grevillea 13: 8. 1884.

º Hypocreopsis solida (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Berl. & Voglino, Add. Syll. Fung., p. 211. 1886.

º * Pseudosolidum solidum (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) C. G. Lloyd, Mycol. Writings 7: 1206. 1923.

SURINAM: wood, as Rhytisma solidum Schwein., ined. (FH, ISOTYPE of H. solidum).

A loculoascomycete belonging to the Melanommatales. This fungus is only known from the type material. It has multiple locules at the periphery of a peltate stroma. The centrum is filled with bitunicate asci and has trabeculate hamathecial elements. Ascospores are two-celled, pale brown, fusoid, constricted at the septum, 20-27.5 x 4-6 mm.


Jack D. Rogers
Yu-Ming Ju
Michael J. Adams