This name does not belong to Ascovirgaria, Biscogniauxia, Creosphaeria, Daldinia, Discoxylaria, Entoleuca, Hypoxylon, Jumillera, Kretzschmaria, Kretzschmariella, Nemania, Stilbohypoxylon, Vivantia, or Whalleya.
(The accepted or suggested disposition is indicated by an asterisk (*), if there is any.)

Hypoxylon subiculatum (Schwein.: Fr.) Berk., Grevillea 4: 52. 1875; as "subiculosum".

º Sphaeria subiculata Schwein., Schriften Naturf. Ges. Leipzig 1: 44. 1822; Schwein.: Fr., Syst. Mycol. II, p. 443. 1823.

º * Rosellinia subiculata (Schwein.: Fr.) Sacc., Syll. Fung. I, p. 255. 1882. Fide Petrini (1993).

Both Saccardo (1882a) and Ellis and Everhart (1892) listed H. subiculosum "Berk." as a synonym of Rosellinia subiculata. Nonetheless, Berkeley (1875) had Schweinitz as the authority of H. subiculosum "Schwein.". Therefore, Hypoxylon subiculosum is considered to be a typographic error for H. subiculatum.


Jack D. Rogers
Yu-Ming Ju
Michael J. Adams