The status of the name is uncertain.

Daldinia cingulata (LÚv.) Sacc., Syll. Fung. I, p. 395. 1882.

º Sphaeria cingulata LÚv., Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot., sÚr. III, 3: 47. 1845; non Mont., 1834; [nom. rejic., ICBN Art. 64.1].

Daldinia cingulata was cited by Ellis and Everhart (1892) as being doubtfully distinct from D. vernicosa [= D. fissa]. It was subsequently listed as a doubtful synonym of D. vernicosa by Child (1932). Unfortunately, we failed to locate the type material at K and PC. In the protologue, only gross morphology was described. Although the gross morphology does suggest D. fissa, we hesitate to synonymize D. cingulata with it owing to the lack of microscopic data, particularly ascospore morphology. Sphaeria cingulata LÚv. is a later homonym of S. cingulata Mont. [Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot., sÚr. II, 1: 340. 1834.] and is therefore illegitimate. The latter appears to be a Karstenula Speg., a melanommatalean fungus.


Jack D. Rogers
Yu-Ming Ju
Michael J. Adams