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Yu-Ming Ju
Michael J. Adams

Nemania S. F. Gray was erected in 1821 for a heterogeneous assemblage of taxa (Gray 1821). The first-named species was Nemania deusta (Hoffm. : Fr.) S. F. Gray. Donk (1964) argued convincingly that Nemania should be lectotypified on Sphaeria serpens Pers., i.e., making Gray's species number 4, Nemania serpens (Pers. : Fr.) S. F. Gray, the type species of the genus. Previously, most authorities had accepted this species as Hypoxylon serpens (Pers. : Fr.) J. Kickx fil. Miller (1961) accepted numerous species now considered to be Nemania as Hypoxylon Bull. under his subsection Primocinerea of section Papillata of Hypoxylon. The widespread acceptance of Nemania as a genus resulted from the publication of two influential papers by Z. Pouzar (Pouzar 1985 a, b). Petrini & Rogers (1986) expanded Pouzar's seminal taxonomic concepts primarily by providing cultural data. These investigators published their material as Hypoxylon owing to the unclear limits of Nemania at that time. Eventually, the limits of the genus became more clear and Nemania has been virtually universally accepted. The most recently published regional treatments of Nemania include those of Van der Gucht (1995), Van der Gucht et al. (1995), Granmo et al. (1999), and Ju & Rogers (1999). In the present study, we provide descriptions and/or illustrations only for those taxa that are newly described or that are unavailable or inadequately described in modern literature.