This name does not belong to Ascovirgaria, Biscogniauxia, Creosphaeria, Daldinia, Discoxylaria, Entoleuca, Hypoxylon, Jumillera, Kretzschmaria, Kretzschmariella, Nemania, Stilbohypoxylon, Vivantia, or Whalleya.
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Hypoxylon limoniisporum (Ellis & Everh.) P. Martin, J. S. African Bot. 33: 325. 1967; [nom. inval., ICBN Art. 33.2]; J. S. African Bot. 42: 73. 1976.

º Rosellinia limoniispora Ellis & Everh., Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia 1894: 326. 1894.

U.S.A.: Kansas, Rockport, 4.8.1894, Bartholomew, E. 1545, corticated twigs of Fraxinus (NY, HOLOTYPE of Rosellinia limoniispora).

Petrini (1993) excluded this fungus from Rosellinia and suggested that it has affinities to Amphisphaerella (Sacc.) Kirschst. Nonetheless, the uniperitheciate stromata with a thin layer of white coriaceous tissue between the outer black stromatal crust and perithecial wall suggest an affinity with Xylaria.


Jack D. Rogers
Yu-Ming Ju
Michael J. Adams