The status of the name is uncertain.

Nummularia fragillima Rehm, Leafl. Philipp. Bot. 8: 2959. 1916.

º Hypoxylon fragillimum (Rehm) J. H. Miller, Monogr. of the World Species of Hypoxylon, p. 120. 1961.

PHILIPPINES: Mt. Maquiling, 25.IV.1916, Baker, C. F. 3187, Calamus palm (S, HOLOTYPE of Nummularia fragillima); Laguna, near Los Baņos, Mt. Maquiling, IV.1914, Baker, C. F., Fungi Malayana 169, Calamus palm (GZU-Petrak; S; BPI [2 pks.], ISOTYPES of Nummularia fragillima).

The taxonomic position is uncertain. This fungus was placed by Miller (1961) in his Hypoxylon section Applanata which harbors taxa of Biscogniauxia and Camillea. Nonetheless, it has the ascospore morphology more commonly encountered in the Xylarioideae than in the Hypoxyloideae, i.e., crescentic ascospores with the germ slit on the less convex side. Unfortunately, the type is fairly poor; no asci were observed.


Jack D. Rogers
Yu-Ming Ju
Michael J. Adams