The status of the name is uncertain.

Nummularia fuckelia Theiss., Ann. Mycol. 6: 350. 1908.

BRAZIL: São Leopoldo, 1909, Theissen, F., Rick's Fung. Aust.-Amer. 313, wood, as Nummularia fuckelia (GZU-Petrak 1449).

The cited specimen is young material of Camillea heterostoma (Mont.) Laessøe, J. D. Rogers, & Whalley. It seems likely that N. fuckelia, in fact, represents this fungus.

Miller (1961) mentioned that this fungus is like Hypoxylon scriblita Mont. [º Camillea scriblita (Mont.) Laessøe, J. D. Rogers, & Whalley] in having ostioles with annulate rims at the center of shallow depressions, but unlike the latter in having smaller ascospores, 12-15 x 5-6.5 mm.


Jack D. Rogers
Yu-Ming Ju
Michael J. Adams