The status of the name is uncertain.

Daldinia durissima (Fr.) Sacc., Syll. Fung. I, p. 394. 1882.

º Sphaeria concentrica Wahlenberg, Fl. Lapp., p. 517. 1812; non Bolton [: Fr.], 1789; [nom. rejic., ICBN Arts. 13.1(d) & 64.1].

º Hypoxylon durissimum Fr., Summa Veg. Scand. II, p. 384. 1849; non (Schwein.: Fr.) Sacc., 1882; [nom. rejic., ICBN Art. 13.1(d)].

We were unable to locate the type. Hypoxylon durissimum Fr. was erected as a substitute for Sphaeria concentrica Wahlenberg which is a later homonym of S. concentrica Bolton: Fr. Nonetheless, Hypoxylon durissimum Fr. became illegitimate after Sphaeria durissima Schwein.: Fr., a sanctioned name in Fries (1823), had been combined with Hypoxylon. Cooke (1883b) considered Fries’ H. durissimum to be a synonym of H. marginatum (Schwein.) Berk. [º H. annulatum (Schwein.: Fr.) Mont.]. Child (1932) remarked that this fungus is doubtfully D. concentrica (Bolton: Fr.) Ces. & De Not.


Jack D. Rogers
Yu-Ming Ju
Michael J. Adams