It is still questionable if this genus belongs to the Xylariaceae owing to its lacking stromatal tissue. Further information can be found below.
* Hawksworth, D. L. 1971. A revision of the genus Ascotricha Berk. Mycol. Papers 126: 1-28.

This genus has the following characteristics:

stromatal tissue quantity: lacking entirely
subiculum: absent
substrates: associated with substrates other than dung or insect nests
ascomatal ostioles: present
ascomatal configurations: not valsoid
ascomatal surface: hairy
ascomatal orientation: mostly oriented vertically
ascal apical rings: present
ascospore cell number: one-celled
ascospore shapes: other than cuboid
ascospore color: colored
ascospore ornamentation: smooth
ascospore germination site morphology: slit-like
perispore dehiscence: indehiscent
anamorphs: Geniculosporium-like