Images of several species are given on the left: Xylaria allantoidea (Berk.) Fr., X. grammica (Mont.) Fr., X. melanura (Lév.) Sacc., X. nigripes (Klotzsch) Sacc., X. schweinitzii Berk. & M. A. Curtis, and X. scopiformis Kunze. Information on the genus can be found below.
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This genus has the following characteristics:

stromatal tissue quantity: distributed above, around, and beneath perithecia
stromatal layers: unipartite
stromatal surface level: erumpent or superficial
stromatal interior: essentially homogeneous
stromatal orange granules surrounding perithecia: absent
stromatal KOH pigments: absent
stromatal conidium-bearing discs: absent
stromatal bases: stipitate or, if sessile, conspicuously constricted
stromatal aggregation: not forming a crust
stromatal shapes: other than wiry
coremial pegs or remnants: absent
subiculum: absent
substrates: associated with dung or associated with insect nests or associated with substrates other than dung or insect nests
ascomatal number per stroma: mostly multiperitheciate
ascomatal ostioles: present
ascomatal configurations: not valsoid
ascomatal orientation: mostly oriented horizontally
ascal apical rings: present
ascus height vs width: usually higher than wide
ascospore cell number: one-celled
ascospore shapes: other than cuboid
ascospore color: colored
ascospore ornamentation: smooth
ascospore germination site morphology: slit-like
perispore dehiscence: indehiscent
anamorphs: Geniculosporium-like
cultural gross morphology on oatmeal agar: not highly furrowed or distorted
places where teleomorph and anamorph are produced: on the same stromata in most species