Hypoxylon vogesiacum (Pers.) Sacc.



Hypoxylon vogesiacum (Pers.) Sacc., Syll. Fung. I, p. 380. 1882.

º Sphaeria vogesiaca Pers. apud Moug. & Nestl., Stirp. Crypt. Vog.-Rhen. no. 765. 1823.

= Hypoxylon omphalostoma Fr., Summa Veg. Scand. II, p. 384. 1849.

= Hypoxylon rubiginosum (Pers.: Fr.) Fr. var. insigne Rehm, Verh. K. K. Zool.-Bot. Ges. Wien 57: 323. 1907.

Stromata pulvinate to effused-pulvinate, plane or with inconspicuous perithecial mounds, 1-14 mm long x 1-8 mm broad x 0.5-0.8 mm thick; surface purplish gray (128), vinaceous gray (116), or brown vinaceous (84), becoming black when aged; dull reddish brown granules immediately beneath surface and between perithecia, without apparent KOH-extractable pigments; the tissue below the perithecial layer inconspicuous.

Perithecia obovoid, 0.2-0.4 mm diam x 0.3-0.5 mm high.

Ostioles lower than to slightly higher than the stromatal surface.

Asci 207-240 mm total length x 15-18 mm broad, the spore-bearing parts 135-162 mm long, the stipes 58-90 mm long, with apical ring bluing in Melzer's iodine reagent, discoid, 1.5 mm high x 4-5 mm broad.

Ascospores light brown to brown, unicellular, ellipsoid-inequilateral, with narrowly rounded ends, (18-) 20-25 x 8-10 mm, with straight to slightly sigmoid germ slit spore-length, at the center of a dotted band 3-4.5 mm broad; perispore dehiscent or indehiscent in 10% KOH, smooth; epispore smooth or faintly striate.