Daldinia graminis Dargan & Thind



Daldinia graminis Dargan & Thind, Kavaka 12: 115. 1984.

Stromata turbinate, sessile or with narrow connective, solitary to infrequently aggregated, with inconspicuous perithecial mounds, 5-7 mm diam x 4-5 mm high; surface sepia (63) or brown vinaceous (84); dull reddish brown granules immediately beneath surface, without apparent KOH-extractable pigments; the tissue between perithecia whitish or gray, pithy to woody; the tissue below the perithecial layer composed of alternating zones, the darker zones dark brown, pithy to woody, 0.2 mm thick, the lighter zones whitish or gray, pithy to woody, persistent, 0.4-0.8 mm thick.

Perithecia obovoid, 0.3 mm diam x 0.7 mm high.

Ostioles at the same level as the stromatal surface.

Asci with ascospores arranged partially biseriately, 190-215 mm total length x 16-19 mm broad, the spore-bearing part 95-110 mm long, the stipe 90-110 mm long, with apical ring bluing in Melzer's iodine reagent, discoid, 1 mm high x 4-4.5 mm broad.

Ascospores brown, unicellular, ellipsoid-inequilateral, with narrowly rounded ends, 20-26 (-30) x 7.5-9 mm, with straight germ slit much less than spore-length on convex side; perispore indehiscent in 10% KOH; epispore smooth.