Entoleuca callimorpha Syd.



Entoleuca callimorpha Syd. apud Syd. & Petr., Ann. Mycol. 20: 186. 1922.

Stromata more or less orbicular in outline, up to 5 mm diam, containing one to several perithecia, externally at first white, becoming dull black as the pruinose layer wears off; interior white surrounding perithecia. Stromata overlying and partially encasing perithecia hard to very hard at maturity. Host tissue, in which stromata partially embedded, whitened and somewhat resembling stromatal tissue. Stromata erumpent by raising and breaking bark periderm.

Perithecia globose to somewhat elongated, 0.8-1.0 mm diam.

Ostioles coarsely papillate.

Asci eight-spored, long-stipitate, the spore-bearing part 85-110 x 11-13 mm fide Sydow (in Sydow and Petrak, 1922); ascus apical ring bluing in Melzer’s reagent, urn-shaped, 3.7-4.4 mm broad x 4.4-5.9 mm high.

Ascospores brown, one-celled, smooth, ellipsoid to ellipsoid-inequilateral, with narrowly rounded or broadly rounded ends, (14.5-)17.5-20.5(-22.0) x (6.5-)7.0-9.5 mm, with germ slit straight to oblique, full-length or slightly less, usually on concave side when spore inequilateral. Paraphyses numerous and narrow, 2-3 mm diam.