Kretzschmaria deusta (Hoffm.: Fr.) P. Martin



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Stromata pulvinate to effused pulvinate, discrete, densely aggregated or fused, 0.5 to more than 10 cm diam x 0.8-4 mm thick, attached to substrate with narrow connectives, usually with crenate, sloped margins; surface dull copper brown, dark brown to blackish brown, often with reticulate major cracks; carbonaceous immediately beneath surface; tissue between and beneath perithecia coriaceous to woody, white to gray, becoming dark brown and disintegrating.

Perithecia spherical to obovoid, 0.7-1.5 mm diam x 1-2 mm high.

Ostioles papillate to coarsely papillate.

Asci 410-480 mm total length x 10-14 mm broad, the spore-bearing parts 170-210 mm long, the stipes 200-260 mm long, with apical ring bluing in Melzer's iodine reagent, urn-shaped, 4-6 mm high x 3-4 mm broad.

Ascospores brown to dark brown, unicellular, fusoid-inequilateral, with acute ends sometimes pinched, smooth, 27-35(-38) x 7-9 mm, with straight germ slit much less than spore-length.