Nemania diffusa (Sowerby) S. F. Gray



Nemania diffusa is the same as N. bipapillata sensu Pouzar (1985b) and Petrini & Rogers (1986). The holotype of N. bipapillata at PH actually has a raised disc surrounding each ostiole. See also the notes on N. bipapillata.

Sphaeria unita Fr. : Fr. had often been applied to this fungus prior to Miller's monograph on Hypoxylon (Miller 1961). Unfortunately, there appears to be no extant Fries' material of S. unita upon which an interpretation on this name can be made.

 Hypoxylon irregulare Cooke [MAURITIUS: Pouce, on decorticated wood, 1861, Ayres (K[M] 68874-holotype)] often has a faint flattened area encircling the ostiole and smaller perithecia ca. 0.3 mm diam. Unfortunately, the material is rather poor. Its identity must await studies on more collections from that area or its vicinities.

A Puerto Rican fungus [PUERTO RICO: El Verde, on small stems, 10 June 1998, J.D. Rogers (WSP)] is much like N. diffusa but has slightly smaller ascospores 9-9.5(-11) x 4.5-6(-6.5) µm. It probably represents a new taxon. The material, however, is overmature and unworthy of type designation.