to Taxa of   xylariaceae
List of Names


    D. Rogers


    J. Adams

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Totally, 41 genera are accepted. You can do pairwise comparison by checking any two check boxes in front of the two taxa that you wish to compare and then clicking the "Compare" button at bottom. To take a look at the description and images of a name, simply click on the name itself.
Anthostomella Sacc.
Areolospora S. C. Jong & E. E. Davis
Ascotricha Berk.
Ascovirgaria J. D. Rogers & Y.-M. Ju
Biscogniauxia Kuntze
Calceomyces Udagawa & Ueda
Camillea Fr.
Collodiscula Hino & Katumoto
Creosphaeria Theiss.
Daldinia Ces. & De Not.
Discoxylaria Lindquist & J. Wright
Engleromyces Henn.
Entoleuca Syd.
Entonaema A. Möller
Euepixylon Füisting
Hypocopra (Fr.) J. Kickx fil.
Hypoxylon Bull.
Induratia Samuels, E. Müller, & Petrini
Jumillera J. D. Rogers, Y.-M. Ju, & San Martín
Kretzschmaria Fr.
Kretzschmariella Viégas
Leprieuria Laessře, J. D. Rogers, & Whalley
Lopadostoma (Nitschke) Traverso
Nemania S. F. Gray
Obolarina Pouzar
Phylacia Lév.
Podosordaria Ellis & Holw.
Poronia Willd.
Pulveria Malloch & C. T. Rogerson
Rhopalostroma D. Hawksworth
Rosellinia De Not.
Sarcoxylon Cooke
Stilbohypoxylon Henn.
Stromatoneurospora S. C. Jong & E. E. Davis
Thamnomyces Ehrenb.
Theissenia Maubl.
Thuemenella Penz. & Sacc.
Vivantia J. D. Rogers, Y.-M. Ju, & Cand.
Wawelia Namyslowski
Whalleya J. D. Rogers, Y.-M. Ju, & San Martín
Xylaria Hill ex Schrank